Customer service Delivery Promise

The First-Ever for a Remittance Service.

Coupon issued for every delay


1. What is WireBarley's Delivery Promise?

WireBarley’s Delivery Promise is a policy that promises fast delivery and provides ₩5000 coupons to you for any transaction delayed 24 hours (1 day) or more than its scheduled delivery day.

2. Criteria

Est. Date
(24h +)

Applicable Corridors : All remittances made from South Korea

Conditions : All payments delayed more than 24 hours than the scheduled payment date

*Refunds do not apply

*Delivery Promise applies to remittances transferred from December 2, 2020

*The same applies to remittances made through our partners: Samsung Securities and SSGPAY

3. Delivery Promise Compensation

Compensation Amount

₩5,000 coupon issued

Coupon Limit

None: 1 coupon per every delayed transaction

Delivery Promise compensation coupons will be issued within a maximum of 15 business days to your account, and will be in your coupon inbox.

Coupon Expiration Date : 30 days from the issued date

Exclusion Clauses

・ Exempt for the remittance delayed or not paid due to customer’s information change request.

・ Exempt when the delay is caused by entering incorrect transaction information (i.e., account number, recipient’s name).

・ Exempt when the remittance is delayed due to making payment (deposit) on behalf of another person’s/business account instead of his/her own account.

・ If payment is received late due to the recipient's circumstances (Cash pick up, address delivery, etc.)

・ Exempt when the remittance is delayed due to the customer’s refusal to respond or provide the requested information such as the customer verification, enhanced due diligence (EDD) and name verification of the recipient, etc.

・ Exempt for delays caused by, Force Majeure, in case of war, crisis, natural disaster, or equivalent national emergency and beyond commercially practicable events occur.

・ Please be advised that the Delivery Promise is subject to change at any time depending on the company’s circumstances.